About Us

Have you ever gone away, and left your pets in the care of a friend, family member, or kennel? We have, and we have always come back with a guilty feeling. “Did the animals get cared for properly? Did they get any interaction and fun at all? Did people stop by when they actually said they would?” The list in our head went on and on.

We provide in-home pet care while you are away at an unmatched level. First of all, we absolutely love pets! Second, compared to your family, friends or neighbors, we don’t feel burdened because this is what we enjoy doing. Third, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your pets are well-cared for and safe by insured professionals.

Our team is trained to have a sharp eye to lookout for anything out of place with your pets or your home. We are true professionals. This is not a hobby or a favor. It is our career. While you are away we provide complimentary text messages, pictures messages or emails of your pets because we know they are family. We understand that even though your pets had to stay home, you still want to know they are having as good of time as you are, if not better! This peace of mind is invaluable to any pet owner.

Never again will you have to wonder if everything is “ok” while you are gone. The peace of mind you will have will allow you to enjoy your time away. Our clients often tell us how much freedom they have now that they have found us to care for their pets. We hope that you will explore our website and it will help you make an informed decision. If you award us with an opportunity to care for your pets we are confident you will be highly satisfied and a lifetime customer.

We will never forget where we came from. If you enjoy dealing with small, local , family owned businesses with an atmosphere where everyone knows your name, and you can call the owner on their personal cell phone at any hour then please give us a call!